Statistics from the Home Office show that in 2017/18 there were 564,827 incidents attended by Fire and Rescue Services in the UK, with 334 fire-related fatalities and 7,290 non-fatal casualties. Despite new architectural designs and clear safety procedures, fire safety training remains a crucial precaution for any business, as a single incident can destroy property and equipment, cause premises to close, and even claim the lives of staff, visitors and the public.

Every employee has a role to play in fire safety, not just designated fire marshals. With this in mind, we run comprehensive Fire Safety courses accredited through Highfield, the UK’s leading supplier of compliance training materials. By acquiring these qualifications, employees will know how to prevent and respond to fires, as well as manage evacuations.

Meanwhile, the training enables businesses to meet legal obligations and apply practical measures to ensure a safer working environment.

Fire Safety Courses

Here are the fire safety courses we run:

Many learners of this course are new starters, although we also welcome anyone who wants to learn the basics or refresh their knowledge. By sending multiple members of staff to attain this qualification, your business will be in safe hands even when some employees are on holiday or absent for any other reason.

Topics covered in this course include basic fire safety and what to do in the event of an emergency, the principles of fire risk control and how to apply practical fire safety measures.

Anyone who is involved in the management of fire safety in the workplace will benefit from acquiring this qualification. Any working environment comes with some potential risk of fire, so there should be managers, supervisors, team leaders, fire marshals and other staff who have a more in-depth understanding of the issue.

This course is designed around the fact that fire safety is the responsibility of everyone within the workplace, with topics including hazards and risks, the control of fire risk, principles and practice of fire safety management at work, and the role of nominated fire marshals.

Whilst the above courses provide knowledge and practical instruction surrounding fire safety, some companies want to know that staff understand how to apply their training to unique environments. If you’re interested in the creation of a bespoke course that’s designed around your company and premises, get in touch today at or call 01482 947245.

Blended learning

We offer learners and employers the opportunity to save time and money through blended learning. This takes the form of completing a range of accredited courses at home and/or work, then visiting our training centre to take the exam in the presence of an invigilator. A modern and flexible approach, it can halve the time of training compared to the traditional classroom-based arrangement.

We offer blended learning for all of our Fire Safety courses. To find out more, get in touch today at or call 01482 947245.

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