First Aid

All it takes is a quick look at some key statistics from the Health and Safety Executive to see why having a first aid qualification is so important. For instance, in 2016/17 alone, 609,000 injuries occurred at work across the UK, which is a shockingly high figure that highlights why employees should know at least the basics of how to respond to an accident or medical emergency.

What’s more, a study by St John’s Ambulance has revealed that 140,000 people die each year in the UK from incidents where first aid could have possibly saved their lives. And yet according to research by the Red Cross, just 5% of adults have the know-how and confidence to provide first aid in emergency situations. This shows that there is a very real skills gap when it comes to first aid, which is why Pathways Training provides high quality and affordable courses all year round.

Feedback from one of our learners:

“Hello Pathways. Just to let you know that today Helen had to put into practice her first aid skills learnt last month. She managed to keep a patient alive by performing CPR whilst he waited for an ambulance.”

Not only does a first aid qualification support the daily operations of a workplace (all organisations must ensure by law that a significant number of employees hold one), but it also equips individuals with a valuable life skill that could one day save a life of a friend, loved one, co-worker or even a complete stranger.

Whilst many people come to us to learn first aid of their own volition, it is the legal duty of every business to assess any specific work hazards and put in place as many first aid officers as it sees fit. So whether you want to add first aid to your own list of abilities or you manage a company that requires teams to gain accredited qualifications, get in touch with us today at or call 01482 947245

Emergency First Aid at Work (1 day)

This accredited course is aimed at learners who wish to become emergency first-aiders in the workplace. The qualification meets the requirements for training emergency first-aiders in organisations that have identified that staff need to be trained to this level within their first aid needs assessment.

First Aid at Work (3 days) and Re-qualification (2 days)

An in-depth accredited course for learners who wish to become first-aiders in the workplace. This qualification meets the requirements for training first-aiders in organisations that have identified that staff need to be trained to this level within their first aid needs assessment. 

The course gives learners the knowledge and expertise to respond to first aid situations, such as roles and responsibilities, how to assess an incident, and recognising signs and symptoms of injury and illness. Also included are first aid skills in CPR, use of an AEDs (automated external defibrillators), and assisting a casualty who is suffering from major injury and illness such as chest injuries, spinal injuries and anaphylaxis.

Paediatric First Aid (2 days)

This qualification is aimed at individuals wishing to become a paediatric first-aider in the workplace with a responsibility for the welfare of infants and children. Intended for learners already working or preparing to work in the industry, the course meets the requirements for paediatric first aid outlined in the Early Years Foundation Stage. 

Emergency Paediatric First Aid (1 day)

This qualification is aimed at individuals wishing to gain the knowledge and skills required to enable them to provide effective emergency paediatric first aid. It is intended for learners such as parents and relatives, pre-school and nursery staff, toddler group volunteers, childminders, nannies, au pairs and foster carers, or anyone who has to deliver first aid as part of their role in either childcare settings or a domestic environment.

Basic First Aid, First Aid for Parents and CPR/Defib Training

Having a first aid qualification is an excellent life skill and can potentially prove life-saving. Meanwhile, being a parent comes with a lot of responsibility, so knowing first aid is an excellent way to stay in control and help your child in the event of accidents and emergency situations.

Our bespoke 3-hour training course is ideal for anyone who wants to learn the basics or refresh their existing skills.

The tutor

Our lead tutor Allan has been delivering first aid for twenty years. Before becoming a tutor he was a first-aider at BP Chemicals in Hull. This is where he developed his passion for thoroughly understanding the subject and was part of a dedicated team that regularly entered and won first aid competitions around the country.

Allan has been delivering first aid for us for many years and the feedback we receive is far than just positive, such as: ”Hi Kevin. Please let Allan know I managed to save a choking baby today.”

He has also delivered first aid training to almost forty students at Ron Dearing UTC, helping them to earn a valuable qualification before entering the world of work. If you’re based at a school, college or university, find out how Allan can train your staff and students by reading more on the Ron Dearing UTC website.