Why is Blended Learning Such a Popular Option?

Pathways Training is a leading supplier of short vocational training courses that are delivered from our training suite in K2 Tower on Bond Street in Hull. Each course is specially designed to give the learner everything they need to excel in the workplace, as well as offering excellent life skills such as first aid, fire safety and driving theory test workshops.

However, sometimes people just need to refresh their existing knowledge, or require a qualification yet have very limited time. In response to this, we offer an excellent blended learning provision that can lead to the gaining of an accredited qualification in half the time.

How does it work?

Blended learning enables you to train through our approved video learning resources, either at our training centre in the city centre, at your workplace, or even from the comfort of your own home. Each learner still receives the support of a fully qualified tutor and takes an invigilated exam at K2 Tower following completion of the training, yet the time that it takes to complete the course is significantly reduced.

Providing that you achieve the minimum pass mark, you then receive a certificate that can open up a world of possibilities. We often get asked if this qualification is the same as the one received when learning through more traditional methods, so we’ll put your mind at ease by assuring you that it’s a fully accredited certificate issued by an approved awarding body. The only difference is that you’ve earned it by learning primarily through video resources rather than in a classroom environment.


When does it take place and what can I learn?

Our blended learning courses are every daily, taking place wherever is convenient for you. We need 4 days notice to register learners for the exam of their choice.

We currently offer the following courses through blended learning, with additional offerings planned for the future:

  • Level 2 Food Safety
  • Level 1 Health and Safety in Construction
  • Level 2 Health and Safety in the Workplace
  • Level 2 COSHH Principles
  • Level 2 Principles of Manual Handling
  • Level 2 Customer Service

Are there any other benefits?

Blended learning is becoming increasingly popular not just because it saves time, but also due to multiple additional advantages. For instance:

  1. Flexibility: Whilst given the ability to learn remotely through video tutorials, you also have the option to study at Pathways Training. Meanwhile, access to a tutor means that all questions can be answered by an experienced specialist.
  2. Efficiency: Many learners find that training this way is more efficient. As well as taking less time, our digital materials are designed to be clear, digestible and highly memorable.
  3. Affordable: Blended learning takes up less of our own space and resources, so we pass the savings on to you. This is a very attractive benefit for individuals and employers alike.
  4. Develop your IT proficiency: Studying this way often helps learners to become more confident using computers and navigating digital platforms, which is a valuable skill in itself.
  5. Confidence: Blended learning is all about the individual. Whilst our traditional training centre courses are exceptional, blended learning presents an alternative that many people find more effective due to training at their own speed and in any environment that suits them.

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Whether you want to secure your ideal job or are committed to enhancing your life skills, blended learning is an accessible and cost-effective solution. To find out more, call today on 01482 940054 or 07570 893984 or email info@ptsy.co.uk and let us know what you aim to achieve.